Prime Minister Narendra Modi today picked up several places in the country, including a river in Meghalaya, to praise citizens for taking steps towards preserving and conserving nature.

“There are many states in our country and there are many areas where people have preserved the colours of their natural heritage and have kept the lifestyle of living in harmony with nature alive even today. This is an inspiration to all of us too,” PM Modi said during his Mann Ki Baat programme.

“Whatever natural resources are around us, we should save them, bring them back to their actual form. In this lies in the interests of all of us as well as in the interest of the world,” he added.

As a case in point, the Prime Minister talked about the now-viral image of a boat that seemed to be floating on Meghalaya's Umngot River, which the Jal Shakti ministry has said is one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

Ministry of Jal Shakti


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