Top man of cricket and 1983 World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev is angry over the verbal shots hit by Virat and Ganguly.

In fact,Virat Kohli's recent remarks during the pre-departure press conference for the tour of South Africa and the senior Indian batsman and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly for "talking badly about each other in public" has earned Kapil Dev who wants Indian team to focus on the Africa tour which begins with the three-Test series starting December 26.

On Wednesday, ahead of the team's flight to South Africa from Mumbai, Kohli revealed that there was no request made to him by Ganguly on stepping down as the T20I skipper, which came as a stark contrast to the the statement made by the BCCI President and hence exposed an underlying tension between Kohli and the administrators.

"It is not good to point fingers on anybody at this point in time. The South Africa tour is coming and please pay attention to the tour," Kapil told 'ABP News' when asked about Kohli's remarks.
"I would say Board president is Board president but yes the Indian cricket team captain is also a big thing. But talking badly about each other in public, I don't think it is a good thing, whether it is Sourav or Kohli."

Kapil urged the 33-year-old to rather control the situation and put the country ahead of these issues.

"Please control the situation and it's better to think about the country now. Whatever wrong has happened, it will come out later but I don't think it is right to stoke a controversy before a tour," said the former skipper.


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