Dhanbad, a major Coal town, has acquired a golf ground.

A random survey of  150 residents indicate, a wide majority of them are happy to get newly developed facilities of Golf Ground, including the open gymnasium, children playing arena, jogging track, yoga centre.

Indeed,its a new year 2022 gift to Dhanbad with a newly developed park.

Unlike the existing free arrangement, visitors however will have to pay a nominal charge as entry ticket for the park.

The credit for developing this golf ground goes to Satyendra Kumar, Dhanbad Municipal Commissioner.He is on record saying that  the extensive renovation of the park have been carried out to develop the surrounding areas also as the encroachment was lying in the approach.

Encroachment from road to the park from Hirapur Hatia side have been removed and the Dhanbad Municipal Commissioner plans to developed the area into a green zone to add to aesthetic beauty of the park.

“Only a nominal charge will be fixed as entry fee while and we will be also carrying out further development in the park as part of the second phase of development work,” said Kumar.


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