“Jana,Gana,Mana…”The national anthem was sung by lakhs of staff of Sahara India at one time,one place,across India to set a new Guinness World Record this morning.

So far,Pakistan held the world record of 40,813 people singing national anthem in a group at one place.The Sahara India organized the programme-Sing the National Anthem-on its annual Bharat Bhawana Diwas at 10 A.M today.

Another record is set to be created because ober 10,00,000 Sahara India workers and sang the national anthem in one uniform,at the same time from different villages and towns including Ranchi,Hazaribagh,Bokaro and Jamshedpur.

In all,11 Lakh Sahara workers sang together from 4512 Sahara offices spread across India.Many outsiders including students,teachers,lawyers,doctors,businessmen and even rickshawpullers in Ranchi joined Sahara employees in singing the national anthem.

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