*CM Hemant Soren figures in G-20 summit roadside posters in Ranchi.

With India assuming the presidency of the G-20 meetings from December 1, 2022, and Ranchi to host a leader’s two-day summit starting on March 1 to conclude on March 2, 2023, the state government has undertaken beautification of public spaces and roads in the capital city of Jharkhand.

Ranchi Municipal Corporation and Tourism Department officials said the revamp project entails washing of roads, plantation of grass and flower plants on road dividers, beautification, and redevelopment of a stretch from Ranchi airport- starting from its lounge till Patratu via Radisson Blu hotel which will be the main incoming route of nearly 35 km for delegates. 

As many as 60 delegates from different countries are to participate in the two events. First will be their meeting at the Radisson Blue hotel on March 2.

After landing at the Ranchi airport, they will be brought to BNR Chanakya Radisson Blu hotels via Hinoo Chowk, Birsa Chowk, Agora Chowk, Kadru, and Punjabi Hindu Biradari Bhawan. The traffic on these roads will be under the control of security personnel and as a result, common men will be prohibited to use these roads for a scheduled period.

(G-20 poster at newly built world-class hotel in Patratu, 32 km from Ranchi)

(G-20 poster at the ground of newly built hotel in Patratu)

(Stalls in the making for tribal handicraft exhibition at premise of the newly built hotel in Patratu)

(Old Hotel beautified in Patratu )

(Newly built world class hotel where G 20 delegates will spend quality time)

(Radisson Blu and BNR Chanakya hotels)

(Ranchi Airport)

Security personnel are to be deployed on high-rise buildings and along roadsides. At every Chowk security personnel and traffic police will be deployed. Anti Terror Squad and CISF have completed a mock drill. Even air surveillance is active over two hotels Radisson Blu and BNR Chanakya where delegates will stay.

The second event will take place in Patratu where delegates will stock of tribal handicraft exhibitions and pass quality time on the bank of Patratu dam. A new world-class hotel has been constructed and the old hotel located there decked up. 

The tribal handicraft exhibition will have stalls, each displaying handmade products of silk, wood and bamboo. Also, food park will provide a variety of intercontinental and tribal platters featuring boiled rice, marh khor and local fishes, crabs, etc.

At the newly built hotels and along roads starting from Radisson Blu to Patratu banners and posters welcoming delegates of G-20 have been placed. One type of poster, each carrying the image of Chief Minister Hemant Soren has been put up along roadsides greeting them.

The Group of 20 or G-20 is a group of nineteen of the world’s leading economies and the European Union. 

India is holding the presidency of the G-20 meeting for the first time from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023. 

The grouping is the key forum for international economic cooperation that plays an important role in global economic governance. In February 2022, the Union cabinet had approved the process to build a Secretariat to look after the affairs of organising the G-20 summit in 2023. The same Secretariat is guiding the state government to organise the even in a grand way since the aim of the central government is to showcase different parts of the country to attract tourists and investors.


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