Far away from Bangladesh is Jharkhand from where it is getting electricity today.

No joke this. Adani Power Ltd( APL), located in Godda has started supplying power to neighboring Bangladesh.

APL plant is equipped with super-critical technology. It is considered more efficient and environment-friendly than the conventional power generation system.

In fact, power generated by the APL plant in Godda is being transmitted through a 400-kilovolt double circuit transmission line that has connected it to the Bangladesh- India border.

The transmission line is part of India- Bangladesh Power Interconnection Project launched with an aim to facilitate the exchange of electricity between the two countries- India and Bangladesh.

The APL entails two 800MW- 800 MW plants. Now, the first plant of 800 MW plant has started production for commercial supply of electricity.

As per the agreement between India and Bangladesh, the APL has started supplying 748 ME of power to the Bangladesh Power Development Board with effect from April 6, 2023.

The opening of the power plant of the Adani group is bound to strengthen the economic ties between India and Bangladesh and provide reliable electricity to it.

Experts say it will also help reduce the carbon footprint of both countries by promoting the use of cleaner and modern power generation technology.

Also, in effect, Bangladesh will be able to deal with the shortage of power in its land through the Adani group’s power.


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