Blazing Sun and heat. As per Indian Meteorological Department’s statement, hot weather will continue till June 13. Then onwards, clouds will start hovering around in the sky making the summer end.

However, since India's monsoon rains, the lifeblood of the country's economy, are likely to be delayed in the current year, and are forecast to hit the Kerala coast in the southwest on June 4,
the state-run weather office in Jharkhand said on Saturday that monsoonal rains can hit Jharkhand on June 18.

As per the sky met, a private weather forecaster, conditions for forward movement of South- West monsoon is prevalent. This time, the monsoon rains may be less than average.

In fact, the monsoon, the lifeblood of the country's $3 trillion economy, delivers nearly 70 percent of the rain that India needs to water farms and recharge reservoirs and aquifers. Nearly half of the country’s farmland, without any irrigation cover, depends on annual June-September rains to grow a number of crops.

Rains usually lash Kerala state around June 1 and cover the whole country by mid-July. Timely rains trigger the planting of crops such as rice, soybeans, and cotton. This time it is expected to hit Kerala on June 4.

The emergence of the El Nino weather pattern has raised concerns over monsoon rainfall in 2023.


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