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When an abandoned coal mine of BCCL caved in Dhanbad, many illegal miners were feared to have got trapped there. 

Two of these miners had died. They were identified as 25- year old Madan Prasad and 10-year-old Jitendra Prasad.

Another injured miner whose name was not known was taken to a nearby hospital. His identity and condition of health were not clear.

The abandoned mine is located at Bhhora locality in Jharia where scores of people ekk out living by mining coal in the abandoned mines of the BCCL and selling it in the market.

“ After the mine caved in, these coal thieves were trapped. Though two-three bodies were taken out by themselves or their relatives, some others were feared trapped”, said a resident of Jharia.

BCCL was incorporated in January 1972 to operate coking coal mines operating in the Jharia & Raniganj Coalfields, taken over by the Govt. of India on 16th Oct 1971 to ensure planned development of the scarce coking coal resources in the country.

During its long innings of mining, this PSU had mined highly sought-after coking coal and after extracting it fully, abandoned a number of underground mines. 

Each of these abandoned underground mines carries some blocks of coal, a source to mine it and sell it. But the task was always risky. More so because underground caves were destroyed by illegal mining. There are caves that no longer exist due to illegal coal mining.


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