For the first time in the history of Indian railways, five coaches of a goods train started running on the rail track without an engine. 

The incident took place at the Badharwa railway station in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand on Monday.

High voltage activities were visible there at a time when a goods train and its five coaches to undergo maintenance started running on the rail track without an engine.  

Surprisingly, there was no other train on that track and the bogies that ran on the track could somehow be stopped before reaching the railway platform, thanks to a railway staff. How did he stop it? 

Vijay Kumar Sharma, a pointsman of the railway, stopped the carriages by blocking the track with gutka, otherwise, a major accident could have happened. Badharwa Railway Station Manager Niranjan Kumar Bhagat said that it happened because of the slope. 

The case is being investigated. It is being said that two wagons of the goods train were standing at the Badharwa rack loading point for the last 10-15 days.  

A maintenance coach with three bogies was also standing without an engine on the same railway track. On Sunday evening, both the coaches of the goods train started rolling and collided with the maintenance coach. 

As a result, both the coaches of the maintenance coach and the freight train started running towards Badharwa railway station together. Watching it, the people living near the railway track started making noise. 

The five bogies kept running for about three hundred meters. In the meantime, pointsman Vijay Kumar Sharma of the railway blocked the track with a gutka, but the bogies were able to stop. 

The track on which the bogies were running passes through the railway gate. If they had not stopped in time, there could have been a huge loss of life and property at the gate, reports indicated.


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