The Ministry of Mines and its organizations are going beyond the eight vertices of the cleanliness campaign. It is undertaking various activities as “best practices”. 

Taking forward its theme of giving back to the environment, new initiatives are taken by the Ministry under the campaign.

During the Special Campaign 3.0, the Ministry of Mines is undertaking refurbishing of office premises including the main entrance and corridors of Shastri Bhawan. 

As an energy-saving measure, old hot cases are being removed from all the offices of the Ministry of Mines. Standees and flexes are being replaced with digital screens to display various campaign posters.

The Geological Survey of India (GSI) is going to carry out various activities at 15 Geo-Heritage sites nationwide.

These Geo-heritage sites are identified in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya and in Tripura. GSI will prepare rock sculpting at its CHQ campus by using old rock samples collected during various geological field investigations from different parts of the country.

A number of new and innovative activities are taking place at various offices. National Aluminium Company Ltd (NALCO). is revamping a Vermi-Compost Plant and creating a Medicinal Plant Garden at  Nalco Nagar Township, Bhubaneswar. NALCO is also developing similar types of medicinal plant gardens at its Damanjodi and Angul units. 

Hindustan Copper Ltd. (HCL) is also organising a number of innovative activities. From rainwater harvesting to cleaning of water bodies to placing bird feeders are some of the sustainable activities that HCL is undertaking under Special Campaign 3.0. 

Mineral Exploration Consultancy Ltd (MECL) is promoting ‘Solid Waste Segregation from the Source’ with the placing of blue and green colour buckets. The company is also constructing Composite Pits to promote organic fertilizers. 

Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) is also observing Special Campaign 3.0 with a lot of plantation programmes along with creating compost pits and even the construction of a herbal plant garden.  

Other units like NIRM and JNARDDC are also conducting several sustainable cleanliness drives during this campaign period.


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