The Income Tax Department registered a record number of filing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) till 31st October 2023, which was the due date for filing of ITRs (other than ITR 7) for taxpayers not having any international or specified domestic transactions, in whose case books of account were required to be audited.

More than 7.65 crore ITRs were filed for AY 2023-24 till 31st October 2023, which is 11.7% higher as compared to the 6.85 crore ITRs filed for AY 2022-23 till 7th November 2022, the due date for filing such ITRs in the preceding year. Further, the total number of ITRs filed in FY 2023-24 for all assessment years up to 31st October 2023 stands at 7.85 crore, an all-time high when compared to a total of 7.78 crore ITRs filed in FY 2022-23. 

Out of the 7.65 crore ITRs filed for AY 23-24, more than 7.51 crore ITRs have already been verified. Further, out of the 7.51 crore verified ITRs, 7.19 crore have already been processed till 31st October 2023 i.e. almost 96% of the verified ITRs stand processed.

31st October 2023 was also the due date for filing of some crucial statutory forms like Form 10B, 10BB and Form 3CEB. More than 1.44 crore of various types of statutory forms filed up to 31st October, 2023.

During the peak filing days, the e-filing portal successfully handled the traffic providing a seamless experience to the taxpayers and tax professionals for filing of Forms and ITRs.  This was widely appreciated by taxpayers and professionals on various platforms including Social Media.

The support from the helpdesk was provided to taxpayers through inbound calls, outbound calls, live chats, Webex and co-browsing sessions. The helpdesk team also supported the resolution of queries received on the Twitter handle of the Department through Online Response Management (ORM), by proactively reaching out to the taxpayers/stakeholders and assisting them with different issues on a near real-time basis. 

Eight webinars related to the filing of auditable & time barring forms, filing of ITR-3/5/6, DSC registration, form 10B/10BB filing, etc. were conducted to guide the taxpayers and tax professionals. Educational videos pertaining to the same were also uploaded on the e-filing portal.

The IT Department expresses its gratitude to all the taxpayers and tax professionals for their support in compliance and requests the attention of taxpayers who are yet to file the Forms and ITRs, to file them. The Department urges all taxpayers and tax professionals to continue to make tax-related compliances in time.


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