*Jharkhand to protect fossil rock in Dumka district to attract tourists (File Photo by Twitter/kundanamitabh)

A move was initiated to the rock and construction of a park, etc to help discover the mysteries about the development of the civilization.  

This was the brainchild of a Dumka-based author Pandit Anoop Kumar Vajpayee. He had researched and discovered the fossil rock over a decade ago and also authored a book on the research work titled "Dumka Zille ki Dharmik-Sanskritik-Puratatwik Jhalak" (Glimpses of Dumka district's important Religious, Cultural, Archaeological sites". 

This was on October 3. Subsequently, the state agriculture minister reacted favourably and said the fossil rock would help discover the mysteries about the development of civilization. 

A letter was written to the Tourism department for the protection of the rock and the construction of a park, etc. Also, the minister went on record saying, “I am determined for the protection and preservation of this fossil rock and the development of the area. 

Jharkhand tourism department took note of the Minister’s step and recognised that the fossil rock contains the biological history of many animals and birds such as squirrels, hoofs of deer, fish, primitive man, etc. Unfortunately, nothing happened. 

Even Jharkhand Agriculture Minister Badal Patralekh who had earlier said that steps “will be taken to protect a huge rock in Dumka district's Barmasia village containing fossils of birds and animals to attract tourists”, seems to be looking the other way.


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