Cricket legend and former captain of India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested in Bangalore-based fitness start-up Tagda Raho. 

The World Cup-winning captain, known for his remarkable leadership both on and off the field, joins hands with Tagda Raho to build a fitter India by reviving the “OG Indian Workout” and expanding the homegrown brand's footprint to make it accessible to Indians across the country. 

The brand that has training dugouts in Bangalore, is set to launch its first dugout in Maharashtra in December and is expanding its footprint to four to five additional states within the coming year.

Tagda Raho is the world's first and only fitness programme that blends traditional Indian equipment with modern training applications. The brand’s dedication to reviving Indian physical culture and Dhoni's unparalleled commitment to fitness, makes for an alliance that is set to revolutionise the fitness industry. Through shared values, Tagda Raho and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are set to cultivate a movement for a fitter India.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, “Fitness is and has been a part of my life; when I was young in the form of sports and now it has evolved to making workouts a part of my everyday routine. When I came across Tagda Raho, the concept really appealed to me. Intrinsically Indian, the equipment used in the workout has been a part of traditional strength training and Tagda Raho has expertly innovated and adapted both the equipment and the movements in a modern avatar. The workout involves movements and an increased range of motion that activates several muscles that usually remain dormant, it focuses on your core, and stability and enhances your mobility. This is also excellent for athletes who are now looking at new forms of exercise to maintain their fitness levels and remain injury-free.”

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