Picture shows DPS Ranchi students at Fire Service Station in Ranchi on September 28,2016.

September 28’16 was a day when DPS Ranchi children of Class I went to Fire Service Station.

Their tour was made under the much awaited school educational trip.

“Children learnt the safety measures by seeing all the machines in reality and it gave them immense confidence”,said a report prepared by DPS Ranchi.

The safety engineers made these children understand the uses of equipments and they solved all the relevant queries of the students.

“The tour created a powerful impact on students as they witnessed the working of the rescue operation and came to know about the fire station phone number – 101.It was quite knowledgeable for them,said a DPS,Ranchi teacher.

This type of educational tour is a trade mark of DPS, Ranchi where education was imparted thorough knowledge transfer mechanism.


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