New Delhi, April 27: Former National Women’s  Hockey Team goalkeeper, Yogita Bali, has hailed  Hockey India’s holistic initiatives with a special emphasis on the National Women’s  League.

The first phase of the league is scheduled to be held in Ranchi,  from 30th April to 9th May.

The League will stand as a landmark event in Indian women's hockey, promising a captivating showcase of talent and skills. 

Featuring teams comprising top performers from the  Senior National Championship, the league represents a significant step forward for the women’s game.

About the importance of the league, Yogita said, “It marks a monumental leap forward for the development of women’s hockey in the country. It will provide a vital platform for players to showcase their skills and gain invaluable experience in high-pressure situations.

She also emphasized the league's role as a stepping stone for players aspiring to compete in the Hockey India League (HIL) and said, “With the arrival of the Hockey India League later this year, the National Women’s League assumes a pivotal role as a training ground for players, providing them with invaluable opportunities to assess their abilities and navigate pressure scenarios. 

"Particularly for young players, this tournament offers a priceless chance to absorb insights and lessons from their senior players, enriching their developmental journey in the sport.”

In addition to the league, Hockey India’s commitment to nurturing talent is evident through its comprehensive grassroots development program. 

She commended the initiatives, particularly the ongoing specialized camps for budding goalkeepers and drag-flickers across the country. “It’s a great initiative. These camps provide young athletes with the opportunity to learn from former players who have excelled in these positions and have years of experience, thus fostering a culture of excellence and mentorship.”

Notably, former goalkeepers and drag-flickers, among them Yogita herself, have been selected to spearhead rigorous three-day training programs at top-tier national academies across the country. 

These camps are designed to pinpoint and refine the abilities of aspiring athletes striving to master these critical roles within the sports 

About the Paris Olympics, Yogita expressed confidence in the  Men’s Team, despite their recent series loss against Australia. 

"The team stands a strong chance of finishing on the podium in the upcoming Olympics. Despite setbacks in the recent matches against Australia, the series loss serves as a valuable learning opportunity for the Indian team. 

"It has enabled the team to recognize areas for improvement, motivating them to refine their strategies and elevate their performance for Paris. In essence, the defeat has served as a blessing in disguise ahead of the quadrennial event, granting the team crucial insights into the adjustments needed to compete effectively against the world's top teams." She added 


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