Cops have detained three persons on suspicion that they played a role in a horrifying case - the recovery of the body of a 3-year-old boy from inside a drain at a private school in Patna on Friday. 

Angry people along with family members of his family burnt a number of buildings in Bihar’s capital city. 

The family also blocked roads, disrupting vehicular traffic movement and burnt tyres on the streets. The boy's family had launched a search after he did not return home from school. 

They inquired about the child's whereabouts, but the school told them he had returned home. The family persisted in their search, eventually leading them to the discovery of the boy's body. Deep within the school premises, concealed within a drainage gutter, they found the body of the three-year-old. 

A senior police official said, "A case of child abduction was registered yesterday, after which an investigation was done and CCTV footage was checked. It was found that the child had gone inside the school but did not come out. 

During the investigation, two children of the school admitted that the boy's body was kept in the sewage of the schoolroom." 

Police have so far taken three people into custody.


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