The temperature in Ranchi today is 33.74 °C. The day's forecast indicates a minimum and maximum temperature of 27.09 °C and 37.07 °C, respectively. 

The relative humidity is 42% and the wind speed is 42 km/h. The sun rose at 05:02 AM and will set at 06:37 PM. 

Today on Thursday, June 20, 2024, Ranchi is predicted to experience a minimum and maximum temperature of 25.84 °C and 37.24 °C, respectively. 

Today humidity levels will be at 33%. With temperatures ranging between 27.09 °C and 37.07 °C, prepare for a hot day and plan outdoor activities accordingly. 

If you are sensitive to heat, take note of the weather forecast and consider appropriate attire and activities suitable for the prevailing weather. 

 The AQI in Ranchi today stands at 86.0, indicating moderate air quality in the city. People with respiratory issues should be cautious, especially while planning outdoor activities. 

However, others can engage in regular outdoor activities. Being aware of the AQI helps one make informed decisions regarding one's overall well-being while planning the day’s activities.  

Weather and AQI predictions in Ranchi for next 7 days: Date Temperature Sky 

June 20, 2024 35.85 °C Light rain 
June 21, 2024 34.94 °C Heavy intensity rain 
June 22, 2024 34.52 °C Moderate rain 
June 23, 2024 32.78 °C Light rain 
June 24, 2024 33.11 °C Light rain 
June 25, 2024 32.72 °C Moderate rain 
June 26, 2024 31.96 °C Light rain

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