Monsoonal clouds hover around. Mild to moderate rains have bid adieu to the summer heat,heralding cool monsoonal weather in Jharkhand. 

As it is, the monsoon season in Ranchi falls between July and September.Ranchi city receives moderate to heavy rainfall during this period, especially after June 20, and the temperature ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius. 

The scene is no different this time of the year 2024.The clouds and rains have brought a fresh lease of life to the Ranchi city, making it look even more beautiful.

Many morning walkers in Morahabadi maidan and inside the Oxygen park were spotted enjoying the drizzles on Friday morning. 

The minimum temperature in Ranchi on June 21 is likely to hover around 21 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature might reach 32 degrees Celsius. 

The mercury level is expected to hover around 32 degrees Celsius throughout the day, with the wind speed around 5.43. The wind will move around 212 degrees with a gust speed of 10.38. The sunrise time is 05:03 AM, while it will set at 06:37 PM on Friday. 

As per the seven-day weather prediction, the temperature in Ranchi is likely to reach 32 degrees Celsius on Friday, 36 degrees Celsius on Saturday, 36 degrees Celsius on Sunday, 36 degrees Celsius on Monday, 36 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, 31 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and 31 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

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