The Jharkhand Cabinet expansion by Chief Minister Hemant Soren took place on Monday (July 8). 

Soren met with Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan at Raj Bhavan, after winning the trust vote on the floor of the Assembly Monday morning. The preparations were held for the cabinet expansion function in advance as the office of the Governor was apprised of it earlier.

As per his plan, CM Hemant Soren filled up all 11 vacancies in the cabinet. Among them, six are from the JMM represented by CM Soren. They are ex-CM Champai Soren, Dipkak Birwa, Mithilesh Thakur, Hafizul Hasan, Bebi Devi and Baidnath Ram. 

What surprised observers is that CM Soren did not indict his own brother Basant Soren, who was holding Cabinet rank in his previous government and in the cabinet of his predecessor Champai Soren. But Basant Soren did not figure in the list of Hemant Soren -3rd Cabinet.  

However, CM Soren has inducted four Congress legislatures in his cabinet. 

They are Irfan Ansari, Deepika Pandey, Rameshwar Oraon, and Banna Gupta.Two of them- Ansari and Deepika Baruwa- have become Cabinet ministers for the first time.  

The RJD MLA Satyanand Bhokta who was cabinet minister in the CM Hemant Soren’s previous term and during the short tenure of his predecessor Champai Soren, was also inducted. The portfolios are to be distributed shortly.

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