*Image credit IPRD, Jharkhand

Laying foundation stone of  Binod Bihari Mahto Koylanchal University building at Dhanbad, Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that the govt. is trying to realize the dream of late Binod Bihari Mahato of educated society through spreading education in all walks of life.  He said that the demand of Koylanchal University was due for long but the govt. approved it paying tribute to late Binod Bihari Mahto. The CM said it while addressing people in the campus of Binod Bihari Mahto University. He said that the University will be active in 2 months and by 2020, its construction will be completed.

He said that the govt. is consistently working in the field of higher education. The govt. established 4 universities and 53 colleges in 1000 days of its reign and now, teaching is started there. A separate secretary has been deputed for higher education. Against establishment of 3 medical colleges in 40 years, the govt. has established 3 medical colleges only 1000 days and in the next two months, foundation stones for 3more colleges will be laid.

In order to cover the state with Higher Education, the govt. is going to conduct an education centered International Conference in February 2018 with a view to make the people aware of education emphasizing technical, commercial and livelihood oriented education. New curriculum is being implemented to achieve this. After defining the local policy, the govt. has given appointments to nearly 1 lakh people in 1000 days reign. Very soon 50 thousand more appointments will be done.

The CM said that the govt. has provisioned Rs. 175 cr. to rejuvenate BIT Sindri. He says that the govt. wants to change the name of Patliputra Medical college and appeal for people’s help. He said that the name should be connected with Jharkhand and so one can suggest names on 181.

He said that the govt. wants Dhanbad to be in top 10 cities and everybody’s help is required for that. Apart from building flyovers, the govt. will provide filtered water by using CSR funds. Coal India has been told about it and work will be started soon. He said that displaced people will be rehabilitated and given govt. patta.

He said that all round development of the state is required and no one should deviate from the path of development. The govt. is committed to give transparent and accountable, crime and corruption free governance.

Education Minister Neera Yadav said that the CM is working hard to uplift the condition of education with transparency and accountability.  The govt. wants to stop migration and develop skills.

Raj Kishor Mahato, son of Binod Bihari Mahto said that the govt. has worked impartially and given the university his father’s name.

MP P. N. Singh, Ravindra Pande, MLA Dhullu Mahto, Arup Chaterjee, Fulchand Mahto, Raj Sinha, Addl. CS Amit Khare, Sec to CM Sunil Kr. Barnwal and Higher Education Sec Ajay Singh  were present in the program.


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