As the nation is celebrating International Day of forests, Jharkhand has record of its own tradition to protect forest.While the political slogan - Jal( Water),Jamin( Land) and Jangal(Forest)- has its own past, livelihood of a vast majority of the state population of Adivasis centres around forest and its products.

No wonder why these Adivasis have always protected and promoted the cause of forest.As per their tradition, they have been worshipping many trees such as Sal. “ Our festivals of Karma and Sarhul, Sal leaves have formed part of their rituals and belief”, said a sociologist.

These Adivasis have welcomed the Modi government’s initiatives to develop urban forests across the country.Already the Union Forest Ministry has made public its plan. 

In his Tweet, Minister said:”Since ages,we had a very important tradition of village forest.The new Nagar Van scheme to develop 200 Urban Forests aims to fill gap because urban areas have Gardens but very rarely forests.

“Creating urban forests will also cause additional carbon sink”, Minister Tweeted on Sunday. “ The scheme is meant to develop forest in urban areas. We are very happy. Hope it is implemented well”, said Junuwa Munda, a retired forest guard of the state forest department. 

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