More than eight lakh calls have been received by the Migration Control room.

According to the data provided by the State Migration Control room, they have received more than 8,22,239 calls till now. 

Out of these calls, 5,097,56 calls were received between 27 March 2020 to 31 December 2020 whereas, 3,12,483 calls were received between 01 January 2021 to 25 June 2021.

According to the record, hundreds of international migrants reached out to the state migration control room and 1176 international migrants from Nepal, the Middle East, Bhutan, Myanmar, Behrin, Sweden, Nigeria, South Africa, Dubai, were extended help in returning home.

*Intervention from the government in ensuring payment of unpaid dues to labourers*

Hundreds of returnee migrants complained about non-payment of dues by their contractors or factory owners. The chief minister took this matter seriously and the government intervened in this matter. In the year 2019-20 more than Rs 26,15,285 of payment were done to the returnee migrants against their unpaid dues. In the year 2021, more than Rs 11, 77, 086 have been paid back to returnee migrants after government intervention.

*Counselling of migrant labourers*

The migrant crisis during the spread of Covid-19 was a temporary one but the government aimed at understanding the core issue behind the migration. The Chief Minister asked the officials to arrange to counsel returnee migrants or migrants working in any part of the country. The state control room reported that from January to June 2021, 4828 migrants, who contacted the state migration control room, were counselled. After understanding their issues every possible help was provided to them. Till date, more than 4,73,257 migrant labourers were counselled through the state control room. This initiative helped our labourers have a sigh of relief.

*"With the objrctive of helping our migrant labourers during the spread of Covid-19 and nationwide imposed lockdown, we had started a state migration control room. But, now this initiative has turned into a mission and the government aspires to transform and upgrade the working condition of our labour force while ensuring that no one ever gets the courage to violate the rights of our labour force. The control room is functional with multiple helpline numbers starting from the calling facility to WhatsApp support. Our government will never let the guards down when it comes to helping our poor population and labour force."*
~Chief Minister, Hemant Soren.

Below are the helplime hnumbers- 0651-2481055, 0651-2480058, 0651-2480083, 0651-2482052, 0651-2481037,0651-2481188,18003456526, 9470132591, 9431336427, 9431336398, 9431336472, 9431336432


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