*Image credit & courtesy Hyundai.com

It is going to be a game changer in the Automobile sector. Apparently, the hydrogen car filters the air while running. 

Interestingly, Australia’s first hydrogen car has come to market. It is complete with charging stations in a distance covered by this car in just 5 minutes. 

The car travels 900 kilometers with the tank full and purifies the air as it moves forward. 

For the first time, hydrogen fuel cell technology is being applied, serialized in a commercial car and, above all, it allows for such important autonomy, with very reduced charging times. 

This is the Hyundai Nexo, a small-cylinder car that beats all car manufacturers in the world and sets a sustainability record, with a charge of 6.27 kilograms of hydrogen that purifies 449,100 liters of air during the journey (as much as the consumption of breathing of 33 people for a whole day).

And, most importantly, it only emits water down the owner's car’s exhaust pipe. This car produces no, repeat no CO2 or other polluting emissions.

In contrast, any car with a traditional combustion engine emits about 126 kg of CO2 at the same distance. 

The hydrogen engine thus enters the automobile market and intends to join the electric one among sustainable mobility.

(Author is an observer, Dr Ullas Mahesh.)

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