Local film actress Isha Arya’s murder was planned on Facebook, an investigation by the police has revealed.

The arm was supplied by Mohit Kumar who resides in the area under the jurisdiction of the Gonda police station in Ranchi. This was claimed by the investigating officers of the police.

Actress Aliya’s husband Prakash and Mohit had exchanged statements on Facebook indicating their plan to murder her, said a source in the police. Also, both Mohit and Prakash talked to each other on their mobile phones.

On the basis of digital records dissected by the police from their mobile phones and Facebook accounts, Mohit was arrested. 

Police claim that Prakash had talked to and planned to murder her a week in advance. Prakash executed the plan linking it with a fabricated case of murder by road robbers on the highway near Howrah in West Bengal, claim the police. She was shot dead on December 28, 2022.  

On the basis of digital evidence, the West Bengal police had arrested Mohit and after producing him in the court in Ranchi, secured transit remand and took him to Hawara on Friday night.

This morning Mohit was being interrogated by the Bengal police. Indications are that the Bengal police may arrest a couple of other persons involved in a conspiracy to murder the actress Isha Alya.

The motive of the crime is not known.


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