A large number of police and CISF personnel are busy trying to recover the three bodies of women were buried alive as land sunk around them in Dhanbad.

 Dhanbad police say rescue operation is going, and process of providing compensation to the family members will start after the recovery of the bodies. 

 Three women were buried alive on Sunday as land sunk around them while they were out to relieve themselves as they didn't have toilets at their homes. 

One of the women was caught in the subsidence first, two others who had accompanied her tried to help, but were buried too. 

 The victims -- Parla Devi, Thandhi Devi, and Mandava Devi -- lived in the Dhobi Kulhi area of Gondudih colliery -- which has unstable old underground workings, and is fire and subsidence affected. 

 The Gondudih Khas Kusunda Colliery is operated by Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. 

 Reports say that a landslide occurred with a loud noise near Hilltop High-rise outsourcing Bharat Coking Coal Ltd’s Gondudih colliery in Dhanbad when the women had stepped out of their house to relieve themselves. 

 Police said that the people around the area tried to save the women but failed. 

 Police and mine rescue teams of the BCCL arrived hours later even when they were immediately informed, locals alleged.  

Angered by the incident, the villagers accused BCCL of negligence and said the tragedy happened as people haven't been properly rehabilitated from the subsidence-prone areas.


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