Not every body knows that this ever smiling actress has become a producer.Preity Zinta,in her 14 long years of journey in the film industry where she had 35 films to her credit and taken an active role in the Indian cricket’s Indian Premier League,has launched her own production company-PZNZ.Though it became public last year,PZNZ has come up with a debut film-Ishkq in Paris with Preity as actress.”I think pressure is always there in life for anything you do. But I always chose to look straight.I used to think if I can handle IPL, then I can do anything. But as a producer it was very tough,” the 37-year-old actress is quoted having said.

Preity says that though the yardstick like netting Rs 100 crore is the new bench mark for describing the success of the film,the money bag has not changed cinema.”I think collections have changed but cinema has not.Cinema will always remain constant, emotions remain same. The collection,demographics have changed,” PTI quoted her as saying.

Preity had to her credit many Box Office hit films such as ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’,’Veer Zaar a’ and ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’.Subsequently,she embraced ownership of IPL team Kings XI Punjab.Alongside she acted in Deepa Mehta’s 2008 Canadian film ‘Heaven on Earth’.This film was dubbed in Hindi as “Videsh”.

Now, with Director Prem Raj,Preity is set to draw attention as a heroine in ‘Ishkq in Paris.’

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