‘J-tourism’ means exactly what it should. For those who love to travel and explore the virgin natural beauties -Jharkhand is a destination par excellence. With its gifted natural bounties, the region always attracts tourists. The inhabitants welcome them with heart-felt cheers similar to the ’bubbling of their waterfalls’.

Tourism is just not visual surfing. It involves observing, appreciating and enjoying the flora & fauna. Above all, it is about knowing the culture of the inhabitants of the area. Jharkhand is a rare state offering a tourist such mixed combinations. Together, they make it a dream destination for the tourists.

Words like lovely, verdant, wonderful, elegant, ecstatic… fall short to describe the state. Take any direction,site offers a treat to eyes and soul. It recuperates as no remedy does, it elevates as no elixir ever did. Its tranquillity soothes more effectively than any tranquiliser. Hills, forests, animals,waterfalls, valleys… Nature in its totality here allures everyone.



Beauty Spectacles


The crowned queen of Jharkhand,nestling in the upper ridges of Chhotanagpur hills, is surrounded by dense forests. Cooler it is as it stands at a height of 3700 feet above sea-level. Located in Latehar district at a distance of 154 Km from Ranchi,its picturesque surroundings comprise dense forests, inviting hills, verdant hillocks, winding roads, flowing streams, majestic water falls, cool breezes and moonlit nights.Homesick soldiers during the British Raj, were reminded of the Scottish moors, serpentine forests, gushing streams, meadows & breeze. It was a home ‘away from home’.

How to reach ?

Air:The nearest airport Ranchi, 154 Km is connected with Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai and Delhi.

Rail:Nearest Railway station, Ranchi is 154 Km away.

Road:Regular direct bus services connect Netarhat with Ranchi. Betla and Daltonganj.

Sunrise & Sunset

MAGNOLIA POINT :Folk lores have it that Magnolia was a British girl.She fell in love with the Sunrise & Sunset,in the midst of vergin forests,just 10 Km from Netarhat,so much so that she,in love with the beauty of Nature,committed suicide.The place from where she jumped hundreds of feet down from a hillock was later known as Magnolia point.Visit the place feel,experience and know why she kissed death there.


Upper Ghagri and Lower Ghagri are places enriched with the love of nature and adds to great picnicking.

Koel View Point

Sensational it is to witness the Koel river.Its vista appears to be garlanding the hills around. The beauty of the river leaves spellbound effect on anybody’s mind. Especially at the time of sunrise and in the moonlit night its beauty increases manifold

A little further away

Anjan Gram: Anjan Gram is believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman after whose name this place has been called Anjan Gram. An ancient statue of Anjani,mother of Bhagwan Hanuman,is situated inside the Anjani cave. The village is surrounded by the Netarhat hills and the river Khatwa.

Barely about 60 Km from the state capital, Ranchi are the three spectacular waterfalls that are thronged by people round the year.

Jonha Fall/Hundru fall/Dassam Fall.

Hundru fall

A famous picnic spot about 40 Km from Ranchi where Subarnarekha takes a spectacular leap down 320 feet.

Jonha fall

Also known as Gautam Dhara, a serenely beautiful place beside the Kanchi river. Walk down the 500 steps and enter a different world.

Dasam fall

Falling from the height of about 144 feet -Kanchi river makes a pretty, cascading fall called Dasam.

Maithan Dam

49 Km from Dhanbad. Named after Mai-ka-than or the abode-of-the mother, has the biggest reservoir of the Damodar Valley Corporation, India’s first multipurpose project. Stay in the lovely rest house of the island in the centre of the 65 sq. km expanses of the lake. A deer park and a bird sanctuary have come up close by.

Tilaiya Dam

Visit the ‘Awake’ temple of Kalyaneshwari on the way to Tilaiya Dam. Across the Barakar river, the reservoir and the hillock offer fantastic sights. At Tilaiya, there is an exquisite lake surrounded by a hilly plateau. Boating is permitted in the lake where one can visit a whispering island which houses the jungle crocodile project. The Chacha Nehru Island is a heavenly place for a ‘ MAN v. WILD experience’.

How to reach ?
Nearest Railway station: Koderama
Nearest Air Port : Ranchi
Where to stay : Tilaiya Rest House, Urwan Tourist Complex Topchanchi


Topchanchi is a lake built in 1924 to provide water supply for the mining settlements on the southern foot of the Parasnath hill. The lake has a circular road with tall trees all around. The Topchanchi lake is formed by damming a hilly rivulet to mitigate the drinking water problem of the Jharia coal mining area. The Work of the stone dam and the embankment had started in 1915. The water body is now maintained by Coal Mining Area Development Authority. The lake is quite well spread and has a catchment area of about 625 sq.Km.

How to reach?
Get down at Gomoh. Take a trekker or a Jeep to reach Topchanchi village. Topchanchi lake is around 2 Km from Topchanchi village.
Where to stay
The water board maintains two guest houses. “The lake house” has two kinds of rooms.


Tholkobad has the proud status of being the heart land of Saranda. The beautiful forest rest house which was built a century ago decors this beautiful forest. Right from mammals to birds and reptiles, Saranda is a wild goldcard. Its majestic elephants are known all over the world. The magical sunrise and sun set of Kiriburu in the hills of Saranda is a mouth opening sight. Moonlit nights at Tholkobad, that too during winter is just fascinating. The surrounding becomes magnetic with no way out other than ATTRACTION.

How to reach?
Journey to Saranda begins at Chaibasa which is 140 Km away from Ranchi and 60 Km from Jamshedpur. A 80 Km drive through Jhinkpani and Barajamda takes one to Baraiburu, the gateway to Saranda. Kiriburu is 30 Km further down the journey where one can stay at the Steel Authority Of India Ltd. (SAIL) Guest House. Deeper inside Saranda is Tholkobad that has a century old Forest Rest House.


At a height of 2800 feet Kiriburu is a lovely place in Saranda. Giving the picture of a hill station it provides an opportunity to witness the vast tract of Saranda and its hills from a single point. One such point is the ‘view point’ of the SAIL Guest house.

Ligirda Swamp
Ligirda swamp is a narrow natural marshy land spread in an area of approximately 7-8 acres. It is just 4 Km away from Tholkobad forest rest house.

Loyall’s view
If magnification of the hills and hillocks of Saranda with the spice of deep wood wilderness is on your ‘things to do list’ visit Loyall’s view. It is nearly 10 Km from the Tholkobad forest rest house.

Toybo Fall
The Koel and Karo rivers merge near Manoharpur.They further proceed to take a spectacular jump down – 100 feet at a place 20 Km away from Tholkobad. The valley around the fall is a football field for the wild elephants who are regular visitors.

Jharkhand Harbours wildlife-Jharkhand Harbours wildlife
Tigers silently stalk in Palamu-Elephants march majestically in Dalma-Deer dash off all around-Eleven National Parks and Sanctuaries across the state-A convincing fact file speaks about the rich wildlife-feast to any of those and watch the live DISCOVERY.

Betla National Park

One of the India’s earliest tiger reserves(1974). Betla features luxuriant tropical forest cover and a rich variety of fauna. The Betla National Park, was first established as a sanctuary and later upgraded to its present status. Average elevation is about 1000 feet.The park is open throughout the year, the best time to visit is between November to April. Spread over 250 sq. Km the park is covered with good roads criss-crossing each other, to enable wheels reach the dense forests-THE AFRICAN SAVANNA.

Gaur, Chital, Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Sloth ,Wild Bear, Sambhar, Nilgai, Kakar, Mouse Deer are permanent residents. Langurs are present in large families.

Betla features waterfalls and natural hot springs on one hand and historical monuments including a 16th century fort of Chero kings on the other. The Koel and Burha rivers drain the area and empty into the well-known Sone River.

How to reach?
Air : The nearest airport Ranchi, 140 Km away, is connected with Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai and Delhi.
Rail: Nearest Railway station is 25 Km away at Daltonganj.
Road: Easily accessible by road. It is 25 Km from Daltonganj and 140 Km from Ranchi.

Where to Stay?
For accommodation one can consider Van Vihar Tourist Complex, Ph – 0652-222650 besides other tourist lodges, cottages and hotels.

Hazaribagh wildlife Sanctuary
Situated 93 Km from Ranchi, with excellent climate, scenic beauty, dense forest areas and rich flora and fauna.‘Sal’ is the dominant tree species. Wild bear, Sambhar, Nilgai, chital and kakar are populous. Sloth bears, tiger and panthers also prowl. The ten observation towers in the sanctuary makes it all the more easier to have a closer encounter with the WILD.

How to reach?
Air: The nearest airport Ranchi, 91 Km away, is connected with Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow and Delhi. Rail: Koderma is the nearest railway station 59 Km away and Hazaribagh railway station is 67 Km away from the National Park. These stations are on the Delhi-Howrah route. Road: Hazaribagh town is well connected by roads to Ranchi, Dhanbad, Gaya, Patna, Daltonganj, Kolkata and many important places.

Where to Stay?
{CODE-06546} Upkar Hotel, Ph: -222246, Prince Hotel, Ph222352,Ashok Hotel , Near Bus Stand; Tourist Lodge, Hazaribagh Circuit House Ph : 264807; Rest House, District Board, Ph : 222239, DVC Circuit House, Ph : 222425, DVC inspection Bungalow, Ph : 222344.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Thick forest covers most of this 195 sq. km sanctuary for wild elephants. Barking deer, sloth bear, leopard, tiger, porcupine are also found here. At the water holes elephants are often seen busy playing among themselves. A fascinating sight indeed.The sanctuary also provides excellent trekking facilities along nature-trails in the hill slopes.

How to reach?
Just 20 Kms from Jamshedpur Dalma is easily accessible. Jamshedpur is well concerned by train and bus service. The state Capital Ranchi is 135 Kms away, having a regular air service.

Mahuadanr Wildlife Sanctuary
Close to Palamau Tiger Reserve is Mahuadanr Sanctuary, spread over 36.25 sq. Kms. A picturesque forest teeming with Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Bear and Wolves.

How to reach?
Just 20 Km from Jamshedpur Dalma is easily accessible. Jamshedpur is well concerned by train and bus service. The state Capital Ranchi is 135 Km away, having a regular air service.

Crocodile Breeding Centre – Muta
The crocodile breeding centre at Muta(Ormanjhi Block, Ranchi District) was commissioned in the year 1987 under the IUCN programme of conservation of endangered species. It is 35 Km from Ranchi on Ormanjhi-Sikidiri Road. Marsh crocodile sea first spotted in late 1960s in Bhera river which flows close by.For the breeding of crocodiles a centre was started with 5 crocodiles, two from Bhera river and three from Madras crocodile bank. Now the population has swelled to 42. Successful breeding of crocodile was achieved in the year 1989-90 and 1991-92. Tourism is not a priority area for this breeding center. However, a small forest rest house and rest shed cater to the needs of the visitors spearing from Ranchi.

Topchanchi Sanctuary
Just 25 km away from Dhanbad town, Topchanchi sanctuary attracts tourists. Famous Topchanchi Lake adds to its beauty, this sanctuary harbours wildlife that is supplemented by migratory birds visiting the lake during the winter months.

Lawalong Sanctuary
Located in the south-west part of Chatra district, Lawalong sanctuary has a rich wildlife, including tiger and bison. Different species of birds and serpents are also found here. On the way to Daltonganj from Ranchi, a tourist can take a turn for this sanctuary at Chandwa and drive down the 75 Km stretch.

Koderma Sanctuary
Just about 10 Km away from Koderma in the area bordering Bihar is a rich reserve of flora and fauna. Even wild boars and porcupines are found in large number here.

Udhwa Bird Sanctuary
About 40 Km away from Sahebganj town, Udhwa Bird Sanctuary includes two natural lakes, Patoura and Bareil. A large number of birds of exotic varieties visit this sanctuary making it tourist friendly.

Divinity draws you here-Lord Shiva reigns supreme at Baidyanathdham-Jain Tirthankars attained salvation at Sambed Shikhar atop Parasnath- Maa chhinnamastika presides at Rajrappa- Scores of temples across the State- Jharkhand is a pilgrim’s privilege.

Baidyanath Dham
Jharkhand is the nest of few pilgrimage centres, which have a great historical importance. Deoghar is one such place of reverence. Deoghar (The house of Gods) is a centre of peace and harmony that features many socio-cultural and industrial units. It is a popular health resort and an important Hindu pilgrimage.

The ancient temple of Baba Baidyanath (kamanalinga) where one of the twelve jyotirlingas in India is enshrined. Deoghar is believed to be the place where Ravana carrying Lord Shiva on his way to Sri Lanka had stopped, betraying the conditions of a non-stop journey. This failed him in his mission of taking the Lord who remained rooted in there.

The place came to be known as Baidyanath dham after Lord Shiva, also known as Baba Baidyanath. Every monsoon (in the month of Shravan) countless devotees undertake a rigorous 100 Km. pilgrimage on foot from Ajgaibinath (Sultanganj) to offer holy water to Baba Baidyanath. The pilgrimage is deemed complete with homage paid at Basukinath, almost 43 Km. from Deoghar. Within the precincts of the main temple, there are 12 other temples, dedicated to different Gods, including Lord Mahadeva.

How to reach?
Nearest Airport : Patna- 270 Km., Ranchi -345 Km.,

Nearest Railway Station : Jasidih – 8Km, Deoghar to Basukinath : 43 Km, Jasidih Railway Station to Basukinath : 51 Km.
Jasidih is on the main line of Delhi-Patna-Howrah.
Hatia Baidyanath Dham Express from Ranchi leaves at 1:10 pm and reaches Jasidih by 8:15 pm.
From Capital Ranchi, Deoghar is 345 Km. (approx.) by road.
Taxis and buses are available round the clock.

Where to Stay?
Baidyanath Vihar – Tourist Bungalow, Ph. 06432-222804
Natraj Vihar – Tourist Bungalow, Ph. 06432-2224222
Basuki Vihar – Tourist Bungalow
As Trikuti is only 20 Km from Deoghar one can stay at Deoghar.
There are plenty of private hotels available around the clock tower : {CODE-06432} Hotel Yatrik Ph : 232299, Hotel Relax Ph : 220888, Hotel Jyoti Ph : 222037, Hotel Rohit, are few of them.
Tourist Informatin Centre, Deoghar, Phone : 06432-2224222

Satsang Ashram
The ashram in Deoghar is a holy place for the followers of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra. A visit to the Ashram would give one a feel of freedom, peace and progress.

Almost 24 Km west of Deoghar, is a place famous for its hill temples. History has it in its pages that many sages attained salvation on the top of three hills situated here, popularly known as Trikuti. The hill consists of huge boulders. On the right is a small temple where Parvati is worshipped. Close to her lies a Shivalinga. People flock here from far and wide during Shivaratri.

About 100 Km from Ranchi, in Hazaribagh district, Rajrappa is a famous temple complex. The presiding deity of the main temple, at the confluence of rivers Damodar and Bhera, is Maa Chhinnamastika. Inside the old temple, the headless statue of the goddess stands over the bodies of Kamdev and Rati on a lotus bed. A large number of devotees throng the place everyday.

Jagannath Temple
Another place for the ‘Mr. tourister’ to rejoice and worship is within the city limit of the capital, Ranchi. The old temple of Lord Jagannath, built by the Raja of Barkagarh, Thakur Aini Shah, in the seventeenth century in the architectural style same as that of the Puri temple stands like a fort on the top of a hillock. ‘Ratha yatra’ is celebrated here with pomp and gaiety where scores of devotees from far off places assemble.

The highest hill in Jharkhand, towering to an elevation of 4480 feet, is about 35 Km. from Giridih town. The Parasnath Temple is considered to be one of the most important and sanctified holy places of the Jains. According to Jain beliefs, most of the Tirthankars, as many as 23 out of 24, including Parsvanatha himself after whom the place has been named, are believed to have attained salvation here.

The Temple of Mahadev Sal
The famous temple of Mahadev Sal (Lord Shiva) is located near goelkera deep inside the Saranda forest. The Bombay-Howrah rail line passes through this place. A beautiful temple of Lord Shiva was built here which later became famous as Mahadev Sal. In the month of Shravan every year a large number of pilgrims from far-flung areas throng the place for worshipping the Lord. Every train stops here at that time.

The Temple of Maa Girirajeshwari
About 100 Km from Kiriburu in the dense forests there is a very famous temple of Maa Girirajeshwari. A large number of devotees visit this temple and their number swells during Navaratri when there are special festivities.

Kulbonga Mahadev
There is a big Shivalinga near Kulbonga village about 15 Km from Manoharpur in Saranda. This is famous as Kulbonga Mahadev. A large number of devotees gather here for worshipping the deity. A fair is held here on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri.

Rohinibera village near Jamshedpur is noted for the temple of Goddess Rankini.