The mineral rich state of Jharkhand, known as ‘Ruhr’ in history, aspires to be a knowledge society. wishes to engage with readers in fulfilling the outlined motive

Taking the above as an ‘aye’ in the long run,we believe there exists an urgent need to broaden frontiers of knowledge,edit and strengthen channels of communication so as to facilitate readers’ inter-connectivity for their common cause. aims to cater to create a platform to excel,exchange ideas and views (on issues of local, regional, national and global significance), record dreams,aspirations,attainments and endeavor to make itself as a grievance redressal cell. We promise to work collectively to bridge the digital divide prevalent in our society,especially between the potential information recipients and their providers.

Who we are, an e-journal, is brought to you by a dedicated team of writers.The website is owned by a click firm-Digital Media Solutions. The editor is:Manoj Prasad.The entity comprises people from fields like politics,bureaucracy,media,and academics.

We are also engaged in providing services in sectors such as library,writing,editing,film making,bill board hoarding, media planning and document keeping on contractual basis.

What we do

  • Provide a platform to our readers to expose law breakers and the corrupt. We bring the spotlight for you to excel,write and share dreams, aspirations,views and problems connected with any common cause.
  • Provide information on tour and travel of Jharkhand.
  • Highlight and publicise achievers,innovators,RTI activists,news makers and whistle blowers for their contributions to the society.
  • Publish tenders,employment news ( Public + Private)with a spotlight on students’ career.Plus,we welcome and incorporate articles and stories on society,culture,economy,polity,history,sports as well as grapevine afloat in the corridors of power.
  • Help citizens to pen articles for incorporation with their own pictures on the website.
  • Make available authentic and accurate government records related with the welfare of the people,their development,education, health, employment and poverty alleviation tagged with responses of the people at ground zero.

Our Support Team

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