Anita Adani has broken her silence on late actor Rajesh Khanna”I want Aashirwad to be converted into a museum”,she told Mid Day’s Jigar Shah.In an exclusive interview with Shah,Adani,a lady love of Khanna,who is now living in Bandra,described the late actor as ‘very demanding’.When Shah asked her why did she not marry him in the last 10 years,Adani replied that marriage was not possible as he had separated from Dimple Kapadia and not divorced her.

“I was very happy with our relationship;I was as good as a wife to him.I left every thing behind for him.He was very demanding.He would be on phone with me throughout even if I went to grocery shop or visited a mall”,said Adani.

 When Shah asked if it is true that  Akshay Kumar(Khanna’s son in law)wanted ‘Aashirvad’(Khanna’s bunglow) for himself,Adani said:“This is something very private and I would not like to share it.”

In reply to another question that Akshay bailed him out in his time of trouble,she described Khanna as   “an arrogant man” and asked;” Do you think he would have taken any help from his daughter’s husband. He had not taken a penny from Akshay.”

Asked why the name of  the bunglow has become Vardan Aashirwad,she said:”If Kakaji  wanted to name it Vardan he would have already added it.”She in response to another question –how was she managing her living,she said she had family business and investment and reiterated that Aashirwad be converted into a museum.


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