*image courtesy Zee News.com

Prince of Cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in the news again.This time not just due to his powerful forearms that made India win many matches, but for his extraordinary passion and compassion.

Infect, the former India captain has proved that with his extraordinary confidence he can clear the boundary even when he is suffering from excruciating back pain.

Everybody knows that for a lofted shot, a batsman needs to maintain shape while transferring body weight into the shot. "However against Kings XI Punjab last night, the Chennai Super Kings captain was in real pain but kept clearing the ropes with consummate ease", said a PTI report. 

"Dhoni's unbeaten 79 off 44 balls got CSK agonisingly close to the target before the visitors fell short by four runs", said the report. 

When media persons asked him "how he could hit those lofted shots with a painful back, Dhoni replied: "The back is pretty bad but God has given me lot of power and I don't need to use my back a lot. My arms can do the job." 

However, Dhoni maintained that it was not a very serious injury.

"It shouldn't be too bad because I know what happened. And when you know the extent of your injury, you know how bad it really is," he said.


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