Not one art lover is unknown of Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s creation of 1500’s. The unfathomable smile on her face said to be an effect of aerial perspective and sfumato technique always aroused curiosity.Recently, Mona Lisa was in news as in Florence, Italy, the tomb of Lisa Gherardini’s family was opened by a scientist in an attempt to extract DNA. Expecting to link Mona Lisa with any of the three skeletons found last year in Saint Ursula Convent, researcher Vinceti has taken this step.

Stories say, Lisa, wife of silk merchant, Francesco del Giocondo was in the company of the artist.

Vinceti hopes to have found Mona Lisa, in case the DNA from the bones of any of these matches her blood relations.
All hard work by this researcher only to make an image of Lisa and compare with the painting to answer all curious art lovers.


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