The beauty of film festivals like IFFI is that they offer an eclectic array films from various corners of the country bringing together a mosaic of stories told in different languages. This year also IFFI offers a specially curated package of Goan films which will be unfurled from Friday at various venues of IFFI. 

The Goan package starts with the screening of Konkani film Gathan directed by Dinesh P. Bhonsle at INOX Screen-4, Panaji tomorrow (24.11.2023). 

Here is a look at the films that are part of Goan Films package and their scheduled timings: 

  1. Gathan 

Director: Dinesh P. Bhonsle

Synopsis: Kamlakar alias Tatu a 63 year old man shares very good relation with his younger brother Babulgo(58). Tatu is in fishing business whereas Babulgo is well settled in Mumbai. Tatus son Sada (26) is working with a local builder whereas Babulgos daughter Vedika (25) is working in America and is married to her American boyfriend. Her marriage to an American is a big achievement for Tatu and villagers. Babulgo plans a Goa trip with new couple to seek blessing of deity. Tatu makes all required arrangement so that the couple feels comfortable at home. But they decide to stay in a hotel. Tatu feels sad about it. Babulgo promises to visit him for a lunch along with a couple. Inspite of financial crises Tatu arranges a reception function by inviting neighbors and friends. On the scheduled day Babulgo doesn’t reach home. Sada tries to call on his mobile phone but his phone is switched off. Tatu feels worried as guests have gathered and are eagerly waiting to meet Babulgo and new couple.

Screening Venue & Time: INOX- Screen 4, Panaji  24.11.2023:  7 pm


2. #MOG

Director: Nilesh Malkar

Synopsis: Lionel, an NRI Chef has to rush back to Goa to take care of property matters upon the death of his estranged father, who he holds mentally responsible for the death of his mother. He least expects to fall in love and that’s exactly what happens when he meets a vibrant, bubbly spitfire Celina, who handles her dad’s bread delivery business. Celina and her sister are raised by their dad – Anthony, after losing their mum at an early age. Love finally blooms between Celina and Lionel, but Celina’s dad holds a deep dark secret about her. Though coaxed by his relative and closest friends to reveal the secret to Celina, he hesitates. The truth shatters Celina and when she does come to know, she breaks up with Lionel. Will love find a way to their hearts or will Lionel forgo everything and head back to Canada?

Screening Venue & Time : Macquinez Palace-I, Panaji  26.11.2023: 2.20 pm 

3. Crazy Mogi

Director: Christ Silva

Synopsis: The film follows the lives of Arjun and Joaquim and how they overcome the various obstacles in their love life with the help of Roy. The film is a comedic yet matured take on relationships. Throughout the film's journey, the characters discover a new outlook on love and life.

Screening Venue & Time : Macquinez Palace-I, Panaji 27.11.2023: 2.20 pm


4. Maarwat

Director: Rajaram Gopal Turi

Synopsis: Maarwat is a short film based on the theme of inter-caste marriage. It is a love story of two people from different castes. The girl is from a lower caste called Mhar. Mhars are popularly known for the art of making bamboo handicrafts. These handicrafts have a vital role in every wedding. This film sheds light on the prejudices and biases that continue to exist in our society. 

Screening Venue & Time : INOX- Screen 3, Panaji 27.11.2023: 9.15 am


5. Peace Lily Sand Castle

Director: Himanshu Singh

Synopsis: Janaki gets to meet Maanvi, who happens to be her husband Joy’s ex-wife. During their conversation over the signing of documents regarding the transfer of ownership of the flat, Maanvi embarks upon an emotional journey of glimpses of her ‘house’ through the conversation, where both get to learn new lessons of life.

Screening Venue & Time : INOX- Screen 3, Panaji 25.11.2023 : 9.15 am


6. The Witness

Director: Troy Ribeiro

Synopsis : Set during the rains in Goa, this psychological drama tells us how truth finds its way out when the septuagenarian Joaquim revisits his past and is forced to reveal a secret. In the end, the audience is left wondering if this revelation will alter his relationship.

Screening Venue & Time : INOX- Screen 3, Panaji 27.11.2023: 9.15 am



Director: Praveen Chougule

Synopsis: Writer Madhuri Ashirgade is telling story about Ishwaree. Once writer saw Ishwaree with her two daughters, Sana & Shikha. Upon enquiry, Madhuri came to know that Ishwaree legally adopted one among them after death of her beloved maid Hansa. This short film Yashoda is a story about the essence of humanity and celebrating motherhood.

Screening Venue & Time : INOX- Screen 3, Panaji 25.11.2023: 9.15 am

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