A character called Kantaben runs an orphanage in a little town.One stormy night,she finds an abandoned baby boy.Since this boy arrived there braving rain and the flood,she keep his name as Krishna.

As he grows,she discovers that Krishna suffers from a health disorder.Every body at the orphanage keeps it a secret from him.and much like other orphans, he too aspires for a family,the tender love and care of a father and mother.

However,his hopes of getting adopted are shattered,as other children are choosen over him.Soon, a day comes when he was adopted.But his days with adopted parents was shot lived as foster parents realize Krishna is not a normal kid and sends him back to orphanage.

Back at orphanage, he parays.But his prayer go un answered.This is the story in brief about Main Krishna with a star Cast:Rajniesh Duggall,Juhi Chawla,Hrithik Roshan,Katrina Kaif,Misti Mukherjee,Paresh,Namit Shah and Rajan Verma.


must read