In political circle,the heir apparent of the Congress party is always a juicy subject of discussion and debate.This time 43 year old Rahul Gandhi is in the news for his reported love for Afgani royal blood,a grand daughter of of the late king Zahir Shah.As per a report in the gfiles,a magazine,the “beautiful”Afgani princess-a Christian convert-,who lived in exile in Italy for 29 years in a modest four bed room villa in the affluent community of Olgiata on Via Cassia,North of city of Rome,was put up at Delhi’s star hotel Aman where Rahul goes for gym.Though no body had seen the Afgani princess and the Congress party’s prince together,both were unmarried.In any case, speculation is rife if Rahul ties the nupitial knot before 2014 polls and faces the electorates as a married man or a bachelor.GOD SHOULD BE KIND TO Rahul 


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