The journey from Patna to Ranchi is smoothly covered by bus in 9 hours. The fastest Janshatabdi train takes 7 hours and 45 minutes to cover the same distance. But the Patna - Ranchi Vande Bharat Express will cover the journey from Bihar capital city to Jharkhand capital city in just six hours.

This means this semi-high-speed train will help save about an hour and forty-five minutes of journey time when compared with the current fastest train( Janshatabdi) and bus connecting the two states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to launch Patna- Ranchi and Ranchi- Patna Vande Bharat Express train virtually on Tuesday.

After the railway management successfully completed the final and third trial run of the Vande Bharat Express, it will be launched from Patna on June 27, 2023.

Also, in effect, this state-of-the-art Vande Bharat Express will provide the people of the region with the means to travel with speed and comfort. It is expected to help businessmen, and government officials and promote tourism in two states Bihar and Jharkhand.

Other facts of Vande Bharat - Patna- Ranchi Express and Ranchi- Patna ( Train No- 22349) are as follows.

1. The Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat Express(Train No-22349) will start at 07:00 from Patna and will reach Ranchi at 13.00 after covering a distance of 379 kilometers.

2. The train will stop at Gaya Jn, Koderma Jn, Hazaribagh Town, Barkakana, Mesra, and culminate at Ranchi. The train will arrive in Gaya Jn at 08.25 and depart at 08.35, arrive in Koderma Jn at 09.35, depart at 09.37, arrive in Hazaribagh Town at 10.33, depart at 10.35, arrive in Barkakana at 11.35, depart at 11.40, arrive in Mesra at 12.20, depart at 12.22 and reach NJP at 22.00.

3. The Ranchi-Patna Vande Bharat Express( Train N0-22350) will start at 16.15 from Ranchi, reach Mesra at 16.35, depart at 16.37, reach Barkakana at 17.30, depart at 17.35, reach Hazaribagh Town at 18.30 and depart at 18.32, reach Koderma at 19.30 and depart at 19.32, reach Gaya at 20,45 and depart at 20.55 and culminate at Patna Jn at 22.05.

4. The fare for the AC chair car from Patna to Ranchi will be Rs.1025 and for the executive chair car will be Rs.1930.The fare for two classes from Ranchi to Patna is  ₹1175 and  ₹2110 respectively. Passengers on the train can make reservations after June 28.

5. There will also be arrangements for breakfast for the passengers while going from Patna to Ranchi and food while coming from Ranchi to Patna.

6. The cost of breakfast from Patna to Ranchi is Rs.157 for the AC chair car and Rs.190 for the executive class.

7. While returning from Ranchi to Patna, the food rates are Rs.308 and Rs.369 for both classes respectively. 

8. The train with 8 coaches will run for 6 days in a week and the train will not run on Tuesday.


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