*Image credit: Tata Steel’s Noamundi

From the very beginning, Tata Steel has inculcated a culture of sports among its employees as part of healthy habits and over the years it has taken the onus to spread this among all stakeholders in its areas of operation. This year, the Tata Steel Noamundi Run-a-thon will be held on October 28, 2018. 

Tata Steel’s recently launched new corporate brand campaign, "We Also Make Tomorrow", conveys a more contemporary appeal and repositions Tata Steel as an agile, forward-looking organisation that leads the industry with technology and innovative thinking. At Noamundi, tomorrows are being built on the foundation of togetherness. The 3 MW Solar Power Plant on 19 acres of reclaimed land provide electricity to the Tata Steel township, the niche nesting project providing a safer shelter to birds, the rain-water harvesting at Aqua Park recharging groundwater levels and promotion of tribal culture through sports, food and music is an attempt by Tata Steel to synergies that bring the best out of both worlds for a sustainable future. Running for Biodiversity, the run this year will be for the green cover, clean energy and good health. The last date to register is October 15, 2018.  

Incorporating sports as a medium to spread messages on biodiversity, helps pervade the cause among all, especially the young generation.  Committed to responsible operations and continuous improvement, this year, the run-a-thon draws its sub-theme from United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP`s) initiative of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 2030 agenda for SDGs represent the world’s plan of action for social inclusion, environmental sustainability and economic development. 

Mr Manish Mishra, General Manager, Ore Mines & Quarries (OMQ) Division sharing his views said: “Tomorrows can only be made possible through dedication and determination to get better in every endeavor of ours, at the center of which are the people we serve. The Run-a-thon is one such initiative to build a healthier tomorrow at the same time promoting and showing our commitment towards biodiversity in the region.”

The mining industry has an unprecedented opportunity to mobilise significant human, physical, technological and financial resources to advance the SDGs. At Tata Steel, the aim this year is to sesnitise school children, housewives, shopkeepers and all our key stakeholders on topic biodiversity in a very interesting manner by targeting day to day activities which contribute towards promotion of biodiversity. 


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