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A Bengaluru-based scientist, in a major breakthrough, has claimed to have produced cooking gas (Propane and butane) with water, vegetable and sunlight. Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman, Scalene Energy Research Institute (SERI), Bengaluru, India, said he created the gas with a machine he invented, says a press release.

“We have produced all the common petroleum fuel hydrocarbons ranging from methane to ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, acetylene, propadiene, iso-butane, n-butane, iso-butylene, iso-pentane, n-pentane, 1-hexene, n-hexane, heptane and octane completely from non-petroleum raw materials at SERI,” said Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar.

“We have just invented and registered an international patent of the machine called Hydrodecider, an acronym for HYDRO DisambiguativE CatalytIc Donor REcombination Reactor, through which, with absolutely no ‘petroleum materials’, to start with, one can produce petroleum gases, the common cooking gas you buy for your cylinder every month,” added Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar.


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