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If making Aadhaar mandatory for identification of citizens was wasn't enough, a new move by the Centre to issue biometric-based unique identification number to each cow in country has gained ground across Jharkhand

In this state,nearly 12,000 cows were provided Unique Identification card.Each card was put up over the ear of the cow.

In the ID,the name of the cow's owner,place,milk capacity,status of health,medicine used,when got pregnant and so on.This was being done under the GoI's Information Network for Animal Protection and Health(INAPH).    

The move being followed in India was developed and adopted in most developed countries in the West. Even in UK and other European countries are issued cattle passports.As per the Centre’s policy,the Aadhaar-like unique identification of livestock could ensure ensure traceability of animals from birth to death.

In fact,in Europe, cattle tagging helps in tracing of animals for veterinary purposes, which is of crucial importance for the control of infectious diseases.Besides providing proper care to the cattle, the identification of bovine animals helps in ensuring source of beef for public health reasons.

In Europe, however, these measures were taken in response to the Bovine spongiform encephalopathy crisis also nicknamed as the 'mad cow disease'.Mad cow disease is a fatal neurodegenerative disease that slowly destroys the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) in cattle. The disease can be transmitted to humans if they eat the brain or spinal cord of cattle.

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