*Screen grap of the mysterious sea creature from video uploaded on YouTube by Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu. video link

A small quite Indonesian village is in news these days.Reason?

 The village residents in West Seram district of Indonesia were quite surprised to find a gigantic and yet to be identified dead sea creature lying along the shore. .

The creature is reported to be about 15 metres long and is supposed to have died a couple of days before it was found on the beach.

This unusual find is drawing a large number of people to the site.Since the carcass is at advanced  stage of decomposition, scientists are unable to identify this mysterious creature from the deep sea.It is being speculated that the dead creature could either be a whale or a giant Squid.

Just like the deep Space, we know very little about the vast majority of the oceans and its mysterious inhabitants.



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