*Pictures by Prabhat Kumar for www.jharkhandstatenews.com

They are the most beautiful life forms.Both differ in size,shape, colour, habit and habitats.

At ground zero,it is eye soothing to watch the way a giant sumo wrestler in the ring differs from a tiny toddler in a perambulator or,  a huge tree of Gulmohar looks giant in front of the minuscule and  delicate plant- Portulaca.

In the present context,though look,shape and form differ,they supplement the cause of nature as  the duo belong to the same group of species - the butterflies. Butterflies are the most fascinating, angelic insects loved allover the world.In India,Jharkhand,land of forest,is no different.


Blue Mormon is the largest butterfly found in Jharkhand.It stands second in size in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover,it varies in size from 125 mm to 150 mm briskly measured from tip to tip when the wings were open. As the wings are well-formed, strong and aerodynamically efficient, it flies fast covering longer path in one go with a bird like flapping of its broad wings.

More often than not, as the name suggests,their wings are dark blue.Normally,each has  white vertical markings with Delta shape dots in between imparting a robust, contrasting appearance - beautiful and solid like the lively terrain of Jharkhand state.

A number of times, I have appealed to the concerned authorities to adopt the Blue Mormon as a state butterfly.This is yet to happen though the photographs attached with this story can raise it again  eloquently.In any case,I think Blue Mormon is a prince of  butterflies.Watch it closely,I am sure you will like it,love it and be proud of this creature of Jharkhand.

More,tiny Grass Blue, a very commonly found butterfly in Jharkhand,is another species of butterfly.It’s wing size varies from 16 mm to 24 mm and it is exceedingly colourful with each of its wings is visibly marked by  dash faint and feeble dots all over its body structure. It appears to love open the grass land and prefers to fly close to it, never rising above ankle height with short hopping and weak flight.

Yet another one looks equally tiny-winy polka dotted butterfly.It is one of the smallest in India including Jharkhand.As a matter of fact, biologists say it is  the second smallest butterfly! Rejoice for our state possesses both of them in abundance apart from many more species. See the photograph for further elaboration.

Now, if it interests you, compare the pictures of these species and marvel at the nature’s bounty, search for them in gardens, open grass land and quiet places, even at the road side bushes. Their sighting can bring smile on your face,I swear. K D Angelo has aptly observed what I think is a truism- ‘No garden truly blooms until butterflies have danced upon it’

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