*All images by IPRD, Jharkhand

A high-level delegation led by Director Agriculture, Ramesh Gholap, comprising of 26 farmers and 6 officials is visiting Tel Aviv to understand the usage of latest technology and proven best practices in agriculture and allied sector. It would help Jharkhand's farmers learn by witnessing on the ground implementation of technologies in the agriculture & allied sectors and will also give them confidence that such practices are replicable and implementable in Jharkhand.


On Day 1 of the visit the delegation began in the morning with visit to a greenhouse and plantation of Pomegranate & Avocado farms. The Beit Yizthak greenhouse visited by the delegation is one of the largest greenhouses in Israel that hosts the usage of latest agricultural technology for fruits and vegetables. Greenhouses have been adopted in Israel for crop cultivation in adverse climate conditions both in the dry arid desert in the south as well as in the cooler northern part of the country with a higher rainfall. Greenhouse cultivation provides a high yield of top quality vegetables and flowers and has definite advantages over open field operations. Automation works well in Greenhouses and Israeli developed computer hardware and software simplify automated water, fertilizer and climate control. The farmers were overwhelmed with the visit to Beit Yizthak greenhouse.It was a great learning experience to the farmers getting them insight of the new and improved techniques of agriculture.

The delegation's second visit for the day was to the pomegranate and avocado plantation at Gan Yehoshya. Pomegranate is known as a drought-tolerant crop, yet regular irrigation is mandatory to commercial yield production.Drip irrigation of pomegranate in Israel is a feasible eco-technological and economically viable technology. The learnings would help the farmers of the state to higher productivity, improve fruit quality thereby increasing the income to farmers by Pomegranate best management practices.

During the second half of the day, the delegation visited Naan Dan Jain, a leading player in the irrigation technology using state of the art drip irrigation technology invented and used extensively in augmenting farm production in Israel. Israel is the world leader in drip irrigation technology designed especially for dry, arid areas. The visit was followed by a field visit of nearby farms implementing the technology. Naan Dan Jain Irrigation Ltd.is the leading global producer and provider of tailor-made irrigation solutions.

Farmers came across various innovative techniques of drip irrigation which is cost effective and they mustered great techniques of drip irrigation from the visit to different farms.

The delegation of farmers were excited to learn and share their experience with the fellow farmers of the state thus would lead to the sustainable growth of Agriculture and Allied sector in the state.

The first day of the visit was memorable and will help Jharkhand achieve the objectives of the visit which is to get sustainability in food production and improving farmer's income.

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