Believe it or not, this beautiful tree has flowers like roses.

Hence, took this picture some time ago as it was amazing to see this tree with pink rose shape flowers.

The tree has its botanical name: Camellia Japonica. It can grow and flower in winter-spring in Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand state of India, it is learnt.

Research revealed that Camellia Japonica or Tsubaki (in Japan), is one of the best-known species of the genus Camellia.


Sometimes known as rose of winter, it belongs to the family Theaceae, the official state flower of Alabama.

Can it be grown in Ranchi? The answer is yes, according to Sudhir Kumar, an advocate."I have grown and photographed it."

"By looking at it closely for just a minute, it looks,fine layered -shape, and changing reddish-pink colour, mental fear and tension virtually disappear", he said.

Try to find its seeds/ plants. If not available, visit Alabama, a southeastern U.S. state that's home to significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement.

In fact, it is the historic land of Martin Luther King, Jr's Church and Rosa Parks Museum, dedicated to the activist.

In any case, Camellia Japonica's flowers may look like roses. It does not spell-like any rose, a man-made flower.

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