One observation made by Madhukar Gupta,Governor Syed Ahmad’s Advisor,has elicited a mix response from among the people in Jharkhand.

“If what he said is followed rigorously,the loot of public funds can be contained and the quality of development works ensured”,said a school teacher,who does not want to get identified.

In fact,Gupta,while addressing the top barss of the state bureaucracy in a meeting held at the Jharkhand state secretariat on Thursday,reviewed the status of the government schemes in the first quarter of the currently fiscal,and told them in no uncertain terms that the inspection of the ongoing development work was necessary to ensure its quality in the interest of the government and its people.

“The real change was not possible until the inspection of the project work under construction was made on the spot.”

His observation has gained significance in Jharkhand where on -the -spot inspections of the development works were rarely carried out by the concerned state government officials.

Most of them preferred to remain confined to their office chambers and sanctioned/spent the public funds on these projects without reviewing and inspecting the works at ground zero,perpetrating a highly inefficient,incompetent and corrupt regime.

Many of them can not be faulted for this lapse though.There were many accessible areas across Jharkhand where the officials dared not enter.These were infested by the Left Wing Extremists.

Moreover,there were so many development project works executed by the department.So much so that it was just not physically possible for its Boss to inspect all of them on the spot.”Lecturing around is possible.But doing it is well nigh impossible when the life is endangered”,cribbed a BDO who is posted at Maoist infested Manika block in Palamau.

The BDOs like him can take help of the security forces to do on the spot inspection by the appropriate officials and use the Information Communication Technology to facilitate it and make the bureaucratic machine smart,fast,transparent and acountable.

Perhaps the begining has already been made with the chief secretary RS Sharma asking the Principal Secretaries/Secretaries to share their e mail IDs so that they can communicate and take decisions quickly.

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