Secretary of Jharkhand IAS Officers' Wife Association (JIASOWA) Mrs Richa Sanchita informed that on June 15, 2018, a blood donation camp is being organized by JIASOWA at IAS Club Ranchi from 10 am. She said that blood donation has a lot of benefits because it is less likely to lead to a heart attack, it helps in reducing weight. Therefore, blood donation should be done at least 2 times every year. She said that blood donation also brings energy into the bod as after the donation, new blood cells are formed, which brings health to the body.

Mrs Sanchita said that with blood donation, our body gains many benefits on one hand, whereas the blood given by us comes helps in saving someone's life. She said that blood donation is 'Mahadan'. On behalf of JIASOWA she has appealed to all the people to come and donate blood in the blood donation camp organized at IAS Club Ranchi on September 15.


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