With rains lashing the nook and corner of Ranchi,demand of tea and maize goes up.Adrakh(Ginger) Chai or Bhutta roasted on coal fed chulha rubbed with salt,pepper and lemon juice,are a common choice.

With thela wallahs roasting Bhuttas and offering Adrakh chai,monsoon must be out to enliven the street corners of Jharkhand’s capital.

Even two decades ago,when I was in school,hot teas are sold in cuppa by thela wallahs.Their products were relished by customers belonging to all classes-students,executives and businessmen.All of their’s love affair with the hot beverage was enticing as it’s a necessity in the season of monsoon.

Climate has changed world wide.But with the onset of monsoon, I am sure, things must not have changed in this season in Jharkhand even today.

Far away in Boston,I am sitting and writing this mail to Manoj,thinking and getting nostalgic about the flavor of the earth of Jharkhand I am organically rooted.

Here in Boston,I have everything,palatial bunglow,luxurious car,top executive’s job and a prosperous family.Yet,I feel,I am rootless without the maize,cuppa of tea and the smell of the earth to which I am rooted.


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