*Photo shows the farmer with tonnes of ash-gourd cultivated by him in Ranchi village.

May 12:Three farmers of Ratu in Ranchi district walked for a KM, each carrying packs of brinjal to sale in the weekly bazaar. In absence of buyers, they disposed it off along the roadside and returned home disgusted, frustrated.

May 13:Not able to find buyers, two farmers left kgs of tomatoes to be consumed by cows and bulls in Kanke block in Ranchi district.

May 15:A group of farmers in Ormanjhi in Ranchi district burnt more than a tonne of ladyfingers due to the absence of buyers.

While virus lockdown continues, these incidents across Ranchi and its adjoining areas in Jharkhand have underscored the need for the state government's intervention to quickly involve NGOs in the sale of their seasonal and perishable vegetables.

Already, with an aim to help the sale of tonnes of ash-gourd, marvelously cultivated by a farmer in a village near Ranchi city, Deputy Commissioner Rai Mahimapat Ray has requested operators of village 'e-store VLEs'(Common Service Centres )to contact him on phone -7004406186.

However, when www.jharkhandstatenews.com rang him up today, there was no response.

Ask why the farmer is not responding, and pat came the reply from a staff of the Ranchi Collector: "Market is almost dead due to coronavirus and lockdown. Keep trying. You will get the response".

However, in view of the DC's verbal appeal, two rural CSC operators have in their WhatsApp message promised to help him sale these ash-gourds.Hope lies in the air as help is what these farmers need from the government.


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