The winter in Jharkhand has started setting in after the monsoon subsided. The temperature has started going down every day. But with the low temperature and amid the season of festival, weathermen have made a forecast that cold and clouds may affect Diwali in most parts of the state.

In the Bay of Bengal deep depression is expected to be centered around east Odisha and east-southeast Digha in West Bengal causing cyclones and clouds on October 24, the day of Diwali.


The rains can pour on several areas of the state of Jharkhand including Ranchi, East Singhbhum, and West Singhbhum on October 25, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted.

As a result, these places in Jharkhand can experience cold, cloud and rain. “ Though cloudy evenings will prevail, it can enable people to light up Diyas and enjoy the festival of light”, said the IMD manager.

In any case, the temperature is set to dip making people to start changing their rainy dresses to woolen wear. The change of weather can cause cold, cough and fever to people. However, the good news is Covid -19 pandemic has come to a halt this Diwali in the national capital where wearing masks was no longer legally compulsory.

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