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Best Foods basmati rice has received the most coveted accreditation from the Indian Culinary Forum (ICF), India”s leading association of professional chefs for the most trusted brands, on a host of parameters such as excellent quality, length of grain, delightful aroma and unmatched packaging, says a press release.

The ICF chefs have experimented and innovated using Best Foods basmati rice to create culinary delights and have loved the results, declaring Best Foods basmati rice as undisputedly the best.

The best of chefs are forever looking out for the best ingredients to create the best dishes. Since basmati rice is one of the most commonly used ingredient in the kitchen to whip up a host of delicacies across the world, it is but natural for chefs to demand for the finest quality of basmati rice in terms of flavour, taste, aroma and length of grain.


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