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By Ritam Talukdar: In 2013,Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos first presented an idea saying, “I want to use drones to deliver packages directly to customer’s doorsteps in a program dubbed Prime Air.” 

Did he know that his dream will soon turn into reality?

Amazon Logistics Inc. recently got the certified approval from The Federal Aviation Administration to test its aircraft for research and training purpose. But strict regulations regarding the number of flights conducted, pilot duty time, software malfunction details should be submitted periodically and there is no allowance to conduct commercial drone flights.

Amazon can now test-drive the drone in the skies over a rural land in Washington State, previously limited to indoors near its headquarters in Seattle. The pilots are required to fly at 400 feet or below during daytime, and should hold a private pilot’s certificate.

Company’s Associate General Counsel Stephanie Burns said, “Amazon Prime Air, a new delivery system that will get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using small aerial vehicles, is one invention we are incredibly passionate about.”.
So next time you order something, make sure Prime Air is making the delivery.


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