The Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has predicted that Narendra Modi will win the Assembly polls in Gujarat for the third consequitive term.In an editorial of his party’s mouth piece he has written this:”Modi has shown his grip on Gujarat and is going to win the polls for the third time in a row.

“This is because of the pace of development in Gujarat in last 10 years under Modi’s leadership. It won’t be easy for anyone to stop the victory march of Modi…A picture is painted on TV channels that Modi is some sort of demon and that he is going to gobble up all Muslims in the country.

After the Gujarat riots, Congress labelled Modi as ‘merchant of death’ but look what happened. Congress managed only 55 seats but the Modi-led BJP got 121 seats…On the day elections were declared in Gujarat, Sonia Gandhi addressed a rally in that state.”

Further Thackeray said that in her entire speech she did not mention Modi.This indicates that the Congress had conceded defeat even before the battle of battle started.

On Keshubhai Patel forming a political outfit,the Sena chief indicated that it was the outcome of the Congress’s design.”The Congress feels the dominance of Patels in Saurashtra will benefit it due to division of Hindu votes. This is nothing but a “day dream”, he added.


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